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Anemones, Ranunculus, Hellebores white bridal bouquet
Classic, elegant and modern Bridal bouquet

Congratulations if you are recently engaged and starting to plan your Wedding. Whether you are planning an intimate Wedding or a larger Wedding celebration flowers really enhance the ambience and atmosphere of your special day and they are a beautiful reminder of the season you married. As a Wedding Florist there is one question I always ask my Couples:

Brides and Grooms do you have a favourite flower that you really would love in your Wedding bouquet or buttonhole?

If you've answered yes then hope you enjoy this little blog to give you an idea of what will be in season around the time of your Wedding. Perhaps checking your favourite flower is in season before you book your Wedding date? This may sound a little drastic but if you're a flower lover and always dreamed of having a particular flower in your Wedding bouquet, then it's worth checking will it be in season? Peony and Dahlia have to be the most asked for Bridal flowers so please read below to see when they are in season.

Each season has a selection of beautiful flowers and foliage, so I hope you enjoy reading this little guideline for Wedding inspiration to flower seasonal availability. Obviously this is just a guide, give or take a few weeks as Mother Nature has its own rules as to when some flowers can be available. But that is the beauty of nature and the excitement of creating Wedding designs that every Wedding is different and unique to each couple.

We purchase our flowers from a few different locations. We use a couple different sources to gather all our flowers and foliage for our Wedding work. Using wholesalers in the UK who import from the Dutch flower auctions and around the world we are able to source lots of flower varieties. During the months from April to October we visit local flower farms and add seasonally available flowers to our designs. Flowers grown outside at the local flower farms add charm and uniqueness to our work as the flowers will all have different varieties and wonky twisty stems as they are grown naturally. Being able to use flowers that are in season will also be a reminder of the time of year you married.



As December and January tend to be the busiest months for proposals lets start with Winter Weddings. Roses are available all year round and flowers like Hellebore (otherwise known as the Christmas Rose) are only around during the colder months. Scabiosa seed pods are great for texture and Wax Flower adds interest. Anemones and Ranunculus start to become available too.

Hellebore, Rose, Tuberose, Tulip wired bouquet
Wired trailing bridal bouquet

Hellebore, Ranunculus and festive Winter texture on workbench before ribboning

Anemones, Quicksand roses, blush and peach toned Bridal bouquet. Captured by Maja Tsolo



A few flowers overlap like Tulips and Ranunculus which are available late Winter but can have limited colours during the Winter. Spring is a refreshing time of year when Tulips are in full season and available in so many shades and varieties. Fragrant Hyacinths, Sweet Peas, Stock, Lilac, Iris and Anemones are wonderful too. Beautiful blossom starts flowering in the Garden too. If you are having a very late Spring April Wedding Peonies might be available. What is available one year may not necessarily mean they are available the following year at the same time, give or take a few weeks.

Pretty pastel Spring Bridal bouquet awaiting ribbons

Tulips, Ranunculus, Gentisa, Spring bridal bouquet
Spring Bridal bouquet

Ranunculus, Hellebores, Roses, Wax flower Bridal bouquet
Romantic and classic bridal bouquet


Early Summer Peony

One of the most frequently requested flowers to be included in a Bridal bouquet is the Peony. These gorgeous fluffy blousy ball of petals are made even more special because they are very seasonal. This is also the main season for full blown Garden Roses many of which are highly fragrant. Achillea, Cosmos, Delphinium, Echinacea, Larkspur, Scabious, Stock, and Sunflowers.

In the UK Peony are generally available for only two months from the beginning of May and June so if it is one flower that must be in your Bridal bouquet it is worth considering marrying during those months. Obviously Mother Nature is a wonderful thing and Peonies can flower a little earlier and go on a little longer after June.

Phalaenopsis Orchids, Peony, Roses, elegant bridal bouquet, captured by Neli Prahova

Constance Garden roses

Romantic elegant Garden roses and Summer flowers. Captured by Jessica Reeve

Garden roses, Lisianthus, Stock, Summer sunset palette. Captured by Fiona Kelly

Elegant and natural, Ohara roses, ferns and foliage Bridal bouquet. Captured by Helen Warner

Bridal bouquet Peony, Garden roses, Stocks, trailing silk ribbons
Freeform Peony and Garden rose bridal bouquet. Captured by Gyan Gurung

Soft pastel blue and white Bridal bouquet

Classic, elegant all white timeless bridal bouquet. Captured by Rebecca Searle

Caramello, burnt orange, toffee and cream colour palette


Dahlia pom pom

Dahlias are at their best during the late Summer/Autumn months and available in the most wonderful shades, blending beautifully with the natural nature shades at this time of year. Other flowers like Amaranthus, Calla lilies, Cosmos, Craspedia, Celosia, Orchids, Honesty Seed heads, Leucospermum and Pampas Grass. Hydrangea at this time of year start to naturally change shades to the most wonderful dusky muted tones.

Dahlia, Amaranthus, autumnal bridal bouquet full of texture. Captured by Graham Nixon

Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets - Photographer Rebecca Searle
Freeform Bridal bouquet white with pops of blue. Captured by Rebecca Searle

Fragrant white ohara and garden roses, clematis, elegant and natural bridal bouquet

King Protea, Orchids and roses, elegant pretty blush and pink colour palette. Captured by Michael Maurer

I would recommend that you start looking at what flowers are in season a year out in the month that you are planning to get married. Flowers are an integral part of a Wedding, linking and bringing everything together, from invitations, Bridal dress style, Bridesmaids colours, the style of your Wedding, Venue and even the cake. Being chosen to design Wedding Flowers is an honour, we love working with our couples finding out their likes and dislikes and are here to advise and help. If you'd like to discuss flowers we can have a chat on the telephone 07512 70246. I offer a free Wedding flower consultation if you'd like to make an appointment to talk about planning your Wedding flowers in more detail, I look forward to hearing from you via email johanna@johannapedrickflowers.co.uk

Photo credits Wedding photographers who captured some of the above bouquet images











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