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Choosing your Wedding Florist

Engagement and Wedding Rose Carey

Many congratulations if you have just become engaged an exciting time is ahead for both of you as you’ll have lots to think about and plan.

Wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming and I hope to be able to pass on my love and passion for flowers so that you can enjoy the run up to your big day with one less thing to worry about. At Johanna Pedrick Flowers we are passionate about creating beautiful bespoke floral design. My style is creative, elegant and romantic and always made with lots of love.

Once you have chosen your Wedding date, booked your Wedding venue and have an idea of the style for your beautiful Wedding dress, this is also the time to start looking for your ideal florist. As an artisan florist I love to talk about all things floral and it is an incredible honour to be chosen as a couples wedding florist. My job is to weave the very heart of your wedding, thereby enhancing the ambience and atmosphere of the celebrations through fragrance, colour combination and poignant placement based on your floral vision. The excitement and delight when I deliver a bridal bouquet as the Bride sees it for the first time is magical!

We can speak on the telephone or a Skype call first so that we can both find out about each other, your style and whether we are going to be a perfect match. It is your Wedding day and important that you find a florist whose style you love and that you also get on with. Whether you are planning a small intimate ceremony or a larger event, I can create flowers for any budget and scale.

Once we have spoken I can send you an initial proposal with a price guide of what we discussed, which includes all our services. To book Johanna Pedrick Flowers we take a deposit to secure your Wedding date. Next, we always meet for a free consultation to discuss your flowers in more detail and we can talk through the options for your Wedding day, over a coffee or tea whichever is your preference. Bringing photos of ideas and fabric swatches you have so we can understand your style and theme, then together we can share inspiration and I can give you my professional expertise and recommendations.

I will take the time to find out about you as a couple and what you love and dislike. Every Wedding is different and just like the flowers I work with no two couples are the same. It is important to create flowers that are unique and reflect the personality and style of each couple.

Flower prices are not all the same so be honest with your florist about your budget. We are professionals and can best advise you on flower varieties that will create your dream floral vision. Don’t skimp on your bouquet it is your main floral wedding accessory and will be in most of your Wedding photos for years to come. We can also advise where best to spend your budget as some flowers can also be reused and moved onto the reception venue after the ceremony.

I always recommend using flowers that are in season as they will be premium quality and will also embrace the season you married in. Flowers are truly beautiful and adding fragrance to your Wedding will not only smell divine but also evoke special memories for future years.

As a professional florist with years of experience I can guide you to what is in season and we can choose the most beautiful blooms available at the time. We know what flowers will take longer to get open to their prime beauty so very often we will make several separate journeys to collect flowers and foliage from the market, flower farms and wholesalers.

At Johanna Pedrick Flowers all our Weddings are Bespoke and your Wedding is important so I only book one Wedding per day. By personally delivering your Wedding flowers and arrangements, I am on hand to move and perfect each element to ensure your floral vision is everything you wished for on your special day.

We love to be entrusted with the beauty to design a couples Wedding Flowers and I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your Wedding and hope that Johanna Pedrick Flowers is the perfect florist to create your wedding floral vision.

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