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Tips on writing a joint Wedding speech

I'm pleased to have Catherine from All Things Considered Events as a guest blog. Catherine is a sustainable Wedding and Event stylist and dedicated to creating eco-friendly Weddings. I really enjoyed reading Catherine's tips on writing a Joint Wedding speech.

Writing a joint wedding speech

What to include

As you’re sharing the spotlight with your joint speech, you should also share the content! Start by thinking of all the fun stories that make you unique as a couple. Maybe it’s how you met, your first kiss or a trip you took together. Choose the stories that show the bones of you - what really makes you tick as a couple – not necessarily the most soppy or romantic ones. You could also inject some humour by telling a story from different perspectives, particularly amusing if it wasn’t love at first sight!

Making it personal

You’ll want to include your thank you’s to the people who have supported you, but rather than just focusing on what people have contributed to the wedding, think about the impact they have had on your life overall to make it more personal.

I also think it adds a special touch if you each talk about the people closest to you. So, in a traditional Groom’s speech, they would thank the parents-of-the-Bride, but if you’re the Bride then why not talk about your own parents and what they mean to you? Your partner could always throw in an extra comment or anecdote so you bounce off each other.

Choose your narrative

In order to make your speech flow, it’s a good idea to come-up with a narrative. Maybe you’ll focus that around a theme, like the places you have been together, or a timeline from your first meeting to the proposal. Add a welcome at the beginning, and your thank yous at the end and you’ve got the beginnings of your speech!

How to start writing

Once you have decided what to include and who is going to say what in your joint speech, you can either delegate the first draft to one of you to write and the other can tweak and give feedback. Or you can split it up and each write your own sections. You’ll need to then bring it together to make sure both halves work as a whole, and you might need to add in a few extra lines to stitch it together.

You can always write the parts you want to say to each other in private, so you keep these a lovely surprise for on your wedding day!

Practice makes perfect

Give yourself lots of time to practice and make sure your speech flows. You could video yourselves so you can watch it back, or ask a trusted friend or family member to review it for you. If you would feel more comfortable reading the full speech rather than reading from notes or bullet points, then go for it! Just remember to look up when you can, smile and pause for applause!

Remember, you’ve got each other for back-up, which is one of the reasons for planning a joint speech, so if you get stuck your other half can always jump in. Have fun with it (and don’t forget to let the venue know you’ll need two mics)!

Thank you Catherine for this great advice on writing a joint speech. If you'd like to find out more about Catherine's work and tailored Wedding styling design services offering minimal environmental impact with maximum atmosphere you can find her website here and follow her on Instagram.

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