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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I am delighted to have Georgina from Georgia Alexander Weddings as a Guest on my Blog, explaining the differences between a venue co-ordinator and a Wedding Planner. I have had the pleasure of working with Georgina and have seen first hand how super organised she is with her attention to detail and it is lovely to work alongside other suppliers who have the same values.

Congratulations! Being engaged and planning a wedding is such an exciting time, so much to think about and to plan. It can be a little overwhelming with everything to consider, and having some support during the process really is worth its weight in gold.

A question couples often ask is why they would need a Wedding Planner when their venue and/or caterer has a Wedding Co-ordinator. An independent Wedding Planner (like me) is not the same thing as a Wedding Co-ordinator at a venue and the two are often confused.

Whilst a Venue Co-ordinator can be a huge asset to couples who choose not to have a Wedding Planner, their responsibilities are very different. Venue Co-ordinators work solely for the venue they are employed by and their main role is to act as the liaison between the couple getting married and the on-site operations team. They will work closely with you on all the areas of your wedding that relate specifically to the venue, for example they will take you on venue show rounds, conduct menu tastings and make sure that payments to the venue are made. Once you’ve booked the venue, there will be some contact just before the wedding (usually 4 – 6 weeks) to confirm logistics and numbers.

On the wedding day itself, they are responsible for providing you with the service you have contracted for, such as making sure the spaces you are using are set to your requirements correctly, that any food and drinks the venue are providing are served on time and outside suppliers vacate the site when they should, along with any equipment they have bought in for your wedding day. It’s worth pointing out that depending on how far in advance you have booked your venue, the Venue Co-ordinator you have booked with may not be the person who will be there on the day – there is often a high turnover rate of staff in a Venue Co-ordinator role.

It’s also worth remembering a Venue Co-ordinator will often leave after the meal is served, although there would still be a Catering or Operations Manager on hand, their concern will be to finalise food service and bar requirements. They won’t be responsible for any items not supplied by the venue or resolving any problems unrelated to the venue (such as a missing Groom or the cake being knocked over.

An independent Wedding Planner works for you, and is contracted by you. Whilst each Wedding Planner works differently, they all share the same objective which is to make sure your wedding is how you envisaged it, and that it is executed as flawlessly as possible from start to finish. It’s likely they would have planned most, if not all, of your wedding, from venue and supplier searching to planning the detailed schedule for the day. They’ll know every little detail of your wedding to the same level as you and they’ll be best equipped to manage the day so it runs seamlessly. Their job is also to support you through the process, and to work in harmony with a Venue Co-ordinator.

On the day itself, your Wedding Planner will likely be the first one to arrive (depending on the type of service you have booked with them) and they’ll normally oversee the venue set-up, and be the point of contact for suppliers arriving. They’ll go through the process of cross-checking table layouts and seating plans, and making sure the tables are set to your requirements. They will usually have created a highly detailed schedule of the day which will have been sent to the venue and all suppliers, and allows them to manage everything from the ceremony details to the first dance.

They’ll also deal with any issues that might crop up on the day and be on hand to assist you with anything you need.

So while you might think it’s an unnecessary or extravagant expense, we really are worth it to make sure your day goes without a hitch, leaving you to enjoy the day and an unforgettable wedding experience.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my wedding planning services, please head over to my website where there’s information about each of my service offerings, and how I work.

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Photograph credits Neli Prahova and Helen Warner Photography

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