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Having a vase of flowers in the home or office is always lovely it will brighten up your surroundings and also your mood. Seeing and smelling fresh flowers also boosts energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

Here's a few important flower conditioning tips to follow and you can enjoy your flowers for longer!

Remove any leaves or foliage that will sit below the water level as it will cause bacteria which will shorten the life of your flowers.

Remember to always cut on an angle at least 2-5 cm off the bottom of the stems with a pair of sharp scissors before placing flowers into a vase of clean water. A diagonal cut gives maximum surface for water to get to the flower head.

Always keep flowers away from fruit as fruit produces Ethylene which will make your flowers fade.

Do not place your flowers on a sunny windowsill in direct sunlight and keep away from radiators.

Remember to always check the water level and top up as some flowers especially Peonies are heavy drinkers.

During the warmer months I would recommend you change the water every 3 days as it tends to go murky. When you change the water remember to re-cut the stems on an angle before placing back into the vase of clean cold water.

If you have a vase of Lilies in the house just beware of the stamens. The pollen will stain skin, clothes and furnishings. To remove pollen on clothes do not wet or brush it. Get some cellotape and gently dab and press onto the pollen and it will lift off and stick to the cellotape.

Most importantly admire, smell and enjoy watching your flowers open and bloom.

If you'd love to learn more why not join us for one of our upcoming Workshops, details below.

At Johanna Pedrick Flowers we love all flowers but one of our favourites is the beautiful blousey Peony with petals galore so we are holding a Hand-tied Flower Workshop.

Come along and join us for a fun evening and learn a new skill and you'll get to take your creation home at the end of the evening.

Thursday 14 June 8 pm - 10 pm at Wonderlust 141 Stanley Road, Teddington, TW118UF

Its Peony season now, they are only around for the months of May and June and if you love them what better time to learn a new skill and get your hands on some and create your own hand-tied bouquet.

Relax and enjoy a glass of bubbles and some nibbles whilst Johanna demonstrates the technique of a spiraled hand-tied bouquet.

Then you can make your own hand-tied bouquet using gorgeous romantic Peony, Stocks, Herbs and other beautiful seasonal Summer flowers.

All flowers and materials supplied and at the end of the evening you'll have a beautiful bouquet in a vase similar to the vase at the beginning of this blog to take home and be proud of.

Price £55.00 per person to be paid at the time of booking.

Message or Email to book your place

This Peony is called Gardenia and the most beautiful pale blush pink as it opens its petals seem to change colour to a blush white.

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